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Help Bolivia

Recognizing the immense needs of the Bolivian people living in extreme poverty, particularly the children, Help Bolivia is focusing its efforts on alleviating this poverty by providing programs that support the nutritional and educational needs of underprivileged children, as well as training programs for underprivileged women and youth. Help Bolivia Foundation is working in the Tahuantinsuyo Community Centre in El Alto on the outskirts of La Paz. We provide educational support and a nutrition program for 60 Aymara children at the Tahuantinsuyo Community Centre in El Alto.

2 años operando en Bolivia

Representante: Lydia and Matt Hill (Secretaria y Presidente)

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Nombre de Contacto: Daniel Orgaz

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Teléfono(s) de Contacto: +591 77755848

Nombre de Contacto: Lydia and Matt Hill

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Tahuantinsuyo Community Centre

Área: Juventud y niñez Seguridad Alimentaria Salud Educación

La Paz: Tahuantinsuyo

Fecha de Ejecución: 4

Descripción: On-site Educators improve each child's chances of success at school and within their community by providing extra curriculum, help with homework, and counselling for the children, many of whom face challenges stemming from domestic violence and/or sexual abuse environments. Children in the program range in age from 3 to 18 years of age. Families are required to pay a small token admission for their children to attend the community centre. These families are referred to the centre by schools and community leaders, and are survivors of domestic violence, and may face issues of abandonment, or have parents out of work or in temporary jobs. Many of our families are single parent. In addition to homework support, extra educational classes, and counselling, Help Bolivia also runs a hot lunch program that provides a daily nutritious meal to the children at the community centre.

Población Meta: Niñas y niños de la comunidad de Tahuantinsuyo en total

Beneficiarios Anuales: 60


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